Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Opera OfftheWall marketing campaign

Check out this link with Opera's Off the Wall marketing campaign. I think it is a shining example of creating a story with your web marketing.

GO check out: http://offthewall.opera.com/

Also, It is a sweet website with alot of Behind the scenes footage of Opera's awesome new marketing campaign for the all new Chromium (or to be exact Blink) based Desktop browser. 

The site lets you "meet" the two base jumpers in the original video that was used to present the new Opera 15 to users . Check out my previous post on it here. 

They have also added more video footage that frames the storyline / narrative of the base jumper video. 

For me it is a great addition to the campaign since it answers the question of what does a video of 2 basejumpers in Norway have to do with a Desktop browser ? 

The answer is, the 2 base jumpers used opera's new Discover and Stash feature to find "the Wall" in Norway to jump off. This makes the previously mysterious "Start your Journey" tagline make sense.

My favorite part is that Chrome Extensions now run inside Opera, which is pretty exciting from the point of view of a Chrome Store developer :) Note: chrome store itself doesnt work because of Operas different User Agent (UA) signature, but dragging a chrome extensions into Opera or using the shortcut of :


in the URL bar, works great. 

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