Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TechCrunch quotes ForTechiesOnly Post on Jawbone Up/ Codoon copy cat


Lightning does strike twice. Ok ok, by lightning i mean the blogosphere link back lightning of having your own blog mentioned in a large and popular blog.

Today, in the midst of a jam packed work day here at Opera i finally got 2 spare minutes to scan Techcrunch for the latest breaking news in tech (as a consumer software product manager i believe that it is part of my job to be aware of the latest tech news headlines on a daily basis) .

I was shocked to find that at the very top of TechCrunch was a post on a chinese company/ fitness tracker product called Codoon and how they directly 1 for 1 copied the Jawbone Up product ( a health fitness tracker that my girlfriend and i use every day and love).  Of course, Codoon is also under cutting the price of the Jawbone Up, but i would suspect the quality reflects the old adage "you get what you pay for".

I was shocked to find this because, 5 - 6 weeks ago, i posted the exact same story on ForTechiesOnly. 

As i read the TC post, in the middle of it, all of a sudden i saw a clear credit given back to For Techies Only being first on the scene :) Here is the quote: 

" As For Techies Only noted in March, Codoon’s Web site and app also bear a striking similarity to the Jawbone UP’s, with near identical UIs and feature sets. "

It is really exciting/surprising to see a linkback to your own blog, when you are casually skimming Techcrunch. This is the 2nd major tech news blog that has quoted or credited ForTechiesOnly in the past 5 weeks. The first was , responding to my Google Analytics April fools post about seeing web traffic from the international space station. 

Big thanks to Cathering Shu @ and Josh Kotsier @  for mentioning and linking back to my blog. This is why i love blogging !

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