Monday, April 1, 2013

Google Android Developer April Fools 2013 Joke

It pays off staying up late on a sunday watching the new game of thrones Season 3 Episdoe 1 season premier. How does it pay ? Because i stayed up and found out about a Google April Fools 2013 joke that just went up minutes ago. I hope i am the first to blog about it :)

++++++++++++++++Update : found other blog posts referencing this Google April Fools Joke 2013, so i guess i am not the first to notice, but still fun :) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Joke is found on the Google Android developers console page found here:

When you go to submit an android app to the marketplace via the site, there is a new button next to "add an application" , the new button is labeled:

"Add an Awesome Application" . 

There is then a spoof app generator that has funny fields about who should develop the application, what kind of press should you be shooting for , and other funny options. Check it out for yourself, or the rest of the screenshot's should be self explanatory. 

Check them out below.  Thanks to the creator of Capes of Destruction (the best ninja capes game out there !!!)  (future post on Capes of Destruction coming) for the screenshots. Happy April Fools 2013 everyone, and remember you read it first at :) 

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