Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome back baby, oh how i missed you iOS ;)

You know it !!! iPhone 5 here i come :) . I am diving back into iOS head first. Oh how i missed you ;) Sorry Windows Phone, it was fun, but its not going to work out (even with the inductive Qi charging and NFC that the awesome new Nokia Lumia 920's have).

I think its worth mentioning that the Pre ordering experience (via iPad 3's apple store app) was a lot smoother then the iPad 3 pre order process ! No more refreshing the page one billion times. 

Shh don't tell anyone that the line is a lot shorter if you pre order from iOS apps vs a web browser ;)

Can't wait for a 9/21/2012 delivery. Stay tuned for a ForTechiesOnly unboxing. 

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