Sunday, July 22, 2012

OWLe and Phocus : Shutterbug lens cases for iPhone

Since becoming a member and active instagram user I find myself appreciating lenses , cameras , and photography in general a lot more.

I have had a ton of hands on time with both the owle and the phocus recently. My girlfriend Erin, aka @daydreamingabout has been using an owle lens case for her iPhone 4 lately while @zachallia has been rocking a Phocus lens case for his iPhone.

So I wanted to upload pics of both products and give a few review notes to prospective shoppers. First i recommend buying either or both products :)

Read a techcrunch review of the OWLe here

(until i upload pics of the OWLe erin uses: )

The owle is huge and built out of metal. It works great , and it definitely draws attention when its out in public. Expect many an onlooker to come and ask you what it is . The heft of the all metal construction is very refreshing . Makes it feel more like a serious tool rather than a toy.

Cons :
No way to sleep your iPhone while it's inside the owle. Have to just wait for it to wink out.
There are 2 pieces . A rubber case that goes on the phone and then it pops into the larger all metal frame . Taking the iPhone in and out is a bit more tricky then it needs to be.

The Phocus: Check it out at
The Phocus is smaller and lighter . It definitely wins on portability.

However it does have a way to sleep the iPhone (access to sleep button ) .
It is also a single item vs 2 items that you need to keep track of.

It also lacks the heft of the owle , and draws a lot less attention .

I definitely recommend both products to shutterbugs. Aspiring instagram , or anyone else looking for cool lenses for their iPhone photography .

P.S. i personally have not used the which seems to be the other major player in the iPhone shutterbug lens case space.

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