Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunset Magazine's iPad app, compelling in an expensive kind of way

Yesterday, i finally downloaded a real magazine, Sunset Magazine,  app onto my new iPad.

To be honest i did not expect that the layout would be enticing. I was very surprised to see how compelling and alluring the layouts of the content were. The professional grade images and photos, were startling. The layouts broke the standard ui grid that most iOS content apps employ in a way that was familiar and welcome.


I also appreciated that the app had a clear focus for selling new issues for $4.99 a piece inside the app. 
The merchandising was well done , a virtual shelf that presented the magazines beautiful cover art, as if it was the checkout aisle at your favorite store.

To be honest a $4.99 price tag per issue is pretty steep, i think it will repel most new consumers from engaging with the content. However if you are a current print subscriber you can log in and get the content for free as part of your print subscription. This is a very clear and tangible benefit for subscribing. It gives the current subscribers a clear message that they are getting something valuable, and may convince some new consumers to try an issue or two for $4.99 and then make the jumpt to a full subscription.

But really you should go install the Sunset app onto your own iPad , try it out, read an issue or two and then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. 

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