Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jawbone UP CEO to users: No Questions Asked Guruantee ... AWESOME !

My gf just gchatted me and told me the CEO of UP just emailed her. A copy of the letter is here: 

As a recent adopter of Jawbone UP (i have actually gone through 3 bands so far. 1 for me, 1 for my gf ( and 1 more as a replacement for the 2nd one that failed), i am really excited by the potential of a device like UP to change how people interact with their health, mobile devices, and each other.

I reviewed the UP earlier this month, and then yesterday Engadget released their own review. In short the verdict was that the UP is great , the UP app has great features but overall needs to be more refined, and in total the product rules except for the lots of cases of the product failing. It was a bitter sweet engadget post for the UP team i bet.

So when i started reading the letter from Hosain Rahman ,UP's CEO, to its early adopter users (like me) it put a smile on my face. The swift action, and the solution, for this possibly product/ company crippiling problem is a grade A example of how to handle a product problem during the launch phase. The letter reassured me that Up was a reliably product platform to put my faith in. They are well capitalized after their $80 million raise. The CEO can clearly take swift action, and in short convinced me to believe them again. 

So go on and get your Up. I think its a great product, that will continue getting better and better as their iterate the iPhone app version. 

P.S. If you are an android user you got to wait still, sorry. 

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