Monday, November 14, 2011

Smarter than Nest:'s smart home

This weekend, i checked out's smart home in down town Palo Alto, CA. I am not going to get into the awesome interior decor/ the quality of the house itself because it was all superb (it better be for the $1.5 million price tag one of these fetches), instead ill tell you about the awesome apple powered home automation system they had.

Check out the slideshow i made of the system, the slideshow was made via my Flixlab iPhone app.

I was a bit skeptical at first, since i heard that their "smart home" didnt even have one of the new Nest Lab's thermostat's that are all the rage right now in tech circles (Nest's launch resulted in a complete sell out, they had to cut off taking new orders for the next 3 months).

But as soon as i walked through the door, i was blown away by the level of automation and control the home had via iPhones and iPad's. The set up was a custom set up by Savant and integrated by Gator tech.

From any iOS device you could turn on and off any light, set the temparture, unlock the front door or gate (keyless locks/ touchpads were cool) , see security cam footage, turn on music (Sonos branded devices were all over the house), and even more. Any iPhone or iPad could control the system, and the house had several iPad's worked flush into the wall. They even made a custom remote control molding for an iPod Touch that came as part of the system. The whole set up was run off a dedicated server/ computer rack in the closet. They converted a Mac Mini into a custom controller for the whole system. 

Check out the slideshow below. 

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