Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Find out StartUp Success Secrets @ StartUpBeersandBurgers.com

Check out StartUpBeersandBurgers.com
( the website design was hacked together on caltrain today, it is version 0.1, so please don't mind the design. )

StartUp B&B is an invite only event series for CEO's, VC's, Founders and Hackers in SF/ Bay area .

The vision is to create a "craigslist" style forum for start up ceo's and founders to help each other and to share founder, capital, and leadership resources. Do it all over Beers and Burgers (make sure those are delicious of course ) . Keep things informal, relaxed, and fun.

We tried out the idea with people showing up from Bloson.com, UptoDown.com, Infometers, xotags.com (both adam and i attended), Bob Christopher , ReReply, Genesys, and a few others.
It turned out to be a good time, so we decided to see where we can take the idea of founders/ceo's and investors INFORMALLY networking over beers.

Going forward we expect it to be a 1 time per month meet up in SF :

0. Keep it fun.
1. Get Beers and Burgers
2. Chat about our companies and swap stories. Focus on identifying how resources can be swapped, pooled, and leveraged collectively.
3. No hard pitching .
4. Develop a forum or email newsletter where people can ask each other for help, and also help others in terms of networking, recruiting, legal doc templates, advice, design, coding etc
5. Recognize individuals that help others out.

If you think this is an interesting idea, go to the site and sign up for the email newsletter.

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