Thursday, June 30, 2011

MyPad nails the "facebook browser" product vision

The MyPad guys have done an excellent job of nailing the "facebook browser" product vision.

This is a vision that i am very familiar with , since we did the same back in 2006 at VCEL and then again in 2008 at Flock.

The MyPad guys, the artists formerly known as (i see them around ) Christian and Cole have done a top notch job at building a fantastic product and steering it to some serious iOS traction/ adoption.

As Facebook prepares to release their own iPad, HP TouchPad, and other tablet native apps (or so rumor has it anyway) . The MyPad guys are staying 1 step ahead of the curve. Check out their latest move. Link to the latest press on them from TechCrunch below , Click through: