Sunday, June 5, 2011

Google's TV AD Storm/Blitz: Gaga+Chrome+ChromeBooks

Having been on the Chrome bandwagon for some time now I was really excited to unearth the wealth of YoutTube videos (with millions of views) about Chrome, Chrome Web Store, and now of course Chrome Books.

We are 10 days away from the commercial launch of Chrome Books, which could be an inflection point or the reversal of the pendulum swing in the OS wars (windows watch out).

Google has been brewing a Quiet Storm to prepare for a giant main stream push. They have Gaga making TV commercials for Chrome, the Chrome Logo is refreshed for wider mass appeal, Angry Birds is in the Chrome Store, and now in 10 days the spearhead of their strategy : the 1st wave of Chrome Books will go on sale in Best Buy, Amazon, Gilt, etc

+++ Update: I just found a really good post that has links to the other 2 realy well executed/ emotional commercials for Chrome ... Check it out:

If i was Microsoft i would hurry like hell to get that next gen touch Windows 8 that we saw last week, out to store shelves, because in the meantime Chrome Books are about to break into America's imagination and start flying off the shelves.

How is Google, a nerdy brand, going to get America to view it as the next "cool" or "sexy" purchase that everyone needs to make you ask ? How about a TV ad Spot about Chrome with GaGa ? Maybe another GaGa commercial for Chrome Books (Rumour: coming in June ) ? TV ad spot is above

You can find a ton more Chrome related videos over here on YouTube, just lok at the "suggested videos" column on the right hand side.

But Most importantly, its all about Chrome Books standing up to all the hype. So here is the official Samsung ChromeBook demo video. Judge for yourself, but in my opinion they are UNDER hyped :) :