Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FlixLab Launches: Its like iMovie app but FREE !!!

FlixLab has just kicked their launch into gear ! From beta or soft launch mode into a full scale campaign.
Disclaimer: My good friend Ed, ex VCEL i might add, is working on their launch. So pretty much go download it NOW !

+++ 2nd update of course a day after of my review of FlixLab, apple added Flixlab to their new and noteworthy section :) Congrats flixlab :) See screenshot below, FL logo in the top right ++++++

++++ Update: Following my lead LifeHacker called out FlixLab as their app of the day ! :) . I like the sound of that maybe Modern Mobility will start a series of posts called "App of the day" :)

Yesterday's headlines in PC Mag, GigaOM, Mashable, and a host of other blogs announced FlixLab as a better thought out approach to Color. And as the solution that will unlock all of your iPhone pics and movies that have been locked away in the dark and lonely dungeons of your camera roll ...

I have been using FlixLab for several weeks now, and its slowly growing on me. The best description is that its like but for iPhone. It lets you create fun and slick slideshows and gives you cool sharing options via posting to facebook or within the FlixLab app itself. I have made several videos, and shared them on facebook . As well as played around with several more that i did not share.

FlixLab has a cool 1.0 version out now that has new events and location features. This is why GigaOm's article painted FlixLab as a better thought out version of Color. The features are pretty cool. I think FlixLab should keep improving the app along this line of thinking :)

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