Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ChromeNote or Google I/O keynote day 2: HUGE

Googles stellar push into the NetBook OS space with Chrome OS / Chrome Web Store is on in full force:

- They finally finally launched 2 dedicated Chrome Books (Chrome OS notebooks)

- They have 160 million Chrome user base as is
- Doubling Down on the chrome store: In App Payments, Angry Birds onboard, better WebGL
- HTML 5 is definitely here to stay with Chrome. Demo of Speech enabled search on

Here is the links to everything you need to catch up on the latest:

I am pretty sure todays Chrome Note will be marked as the beginning of the total decline of windows. Between Mac OS X market share growth, iOS, Android, HP Palm, and now Chrome OS ... what leg does windows have to stand on ? Price ? definitely not ! Quality ? definitely not ? Attractive for developers ? definitely not. The only thing going for windows is that they are still de facto. Soon to change though.

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