Monday, January 10, 2011

Top woman 2O1O: my friend Ninette Murk + the usual suspects

***Ninette is the 2nd from the left (: image taken from article post below, all credit to them.

I was very happy to find out today that Ninette Murk, a friend and role model of mine, just received some duly deserved recognition. Ninette is the founder and director of . She has ran this non profit for 7 years, and now is about to do her 4th year of their Fashion Against Aids campaign in partnership with H&M !! Its been a great success so far and i look forward to more years. Finally, she has been listed as one of top 1O women who have made a difference in 2O1O. Women who really go above and beyond the call of duty. Simply inspiring. Ninette is featured along side Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Palin [ yeah i know i know] , and other woman leaders.

Give it a read:

Ninette and i have been in contact since 2OO7 when she graciously participated in Flock Gloss, a Flock web browser edition i launched, it was focussed on the Fashionista vertical. Since then its been a pleasure to see her drive real change and impact. From bus stop posters, to skyscraper size billboards, to ads in Rolling Stone Magazine every time i see DAA or FAA it reminds of how much pure passion and determination is behind it all. [ disclaimer: on top of that i just like H&M as a retailer ( ; haha]

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