Saturday, December 11, 2010

Drudge2Go: Launches update, is #43 in iPad Paid News apps

Wanted to revisit a previous post i made about Adam's iPhone app Drudge2Go. Go download it in the iPad store or the iPhone store now !
Obviously its based on and offers a nice iPhone friendly interface to consume this super popular news site. I have been involved with this app project as a "friendly advisor" since before it was branded/ submitted to the app store. It is always good to see app projects evolve and release updates.
Drudge2Go has a few nifty features such as smart "new" badges, a tab for "breaking" news, support for favicons for the content sources, and a clean Siren logo. Overall this new version is a very solid upgrade from the first version. It is strong step forward to being the best Drudge app in the iPhone and/or iPad app stores.
It got approved in the past 24 hours, and it already broke into the Top 5O. It is #43 in the iPad store's news apps section. Go download it and help it rise to the Top 1O !

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