Saturday, September 18, 2010

TMD's 1st Small Business app : Got Grease app

One of TMD's app projects over the past 5 months has been to develop our 1st small business iPhone app for my friend's company Got Grease , a san francisco based grease recycling/ biofuel stock company.
*** As a side note Got Grease is San Francisco's #1 Restaurant Kitchen Grease pick up and recycling company.

Project Goal:
The purpose of the Got Grease app was to create an easy to use app for documenting service records.
Got Grease employee's would use the iPhone app to take photos as proof of service of oil pick ups and grease trap servicing. The app would then upload the photos to the Got Grease website, where restaurant client's could log in and find a record of all their service dates with photos to show the before and after.

Project Process:
So we built an alpha version for Got Grease and deployed it via Ad Hoc builds to several of their iPhones. The result was great in that we received 3 major pain points from the employees that rendered the app unusable in the day to day process.

We went back to the drawing board and re engineered the app to have a solution for each of the 3 pain points we identified in the alpha test. Now we are going to deploy a much improved Beta build.

Beta Version Improvements:
- Improved networking,
- Can support the upload of up to 4 pictures per service section
- Has an improved design and interface
- Remembers a users log in
- Does not require a network connection to take and store photos
- Has the ability to upload all of its stored pictures at once at the end of the day

Small Business Testimonial:
As the founder of Got Grease David say's " i think this app will be a huge hit for our business. I think the customers will love it as a customer service tool "

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