Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Droid iPlacemarks + Foursquare = Nav Check In Awesomeness !

Very happy to say that iPlacemarks Version .85 is finally here. After alot of rethinking, we have redesigned our 1 tap navigation shortcuts from the ground up. AndroidzTeam.com did a great

"How To Check In to foursqaure.com with iPlacemarks" post. I am copying and pasting it below.

Version 0.85 has been released and has some exciting new features! new features include Foursquare venue information, venue phone numbers, Foursquare checkin support and more! Since we have gotten some requests for a tutorial on how to use the Foursquare integration, we are going to explain here the few easy steps it takes to start playing one the the biggest and most active games on the mobile platform using iPlacemarks!

The iPlacemarks are geared towards the users specific tastes, and in this tutorial we will be using the ‘Coffee Shop iPlacemark’ for Android 1.5+. If you do not have a Foursquare account or the app you can get both for free at Foursquare.com!

Upon opening the app, it will attempt to determine your location via GPS satellites. If you don’t have a GPS signal just be patient it usually only takes a few seconds.

In this new version of iPlacemarks you will now see your location selected on the map as well as secondary locations in your are which are not highlighted as in the picture above.

If you see the foursquare icon in the upper left corner is highlighted, that means Foursquare knows about this location and you will be ready to checkin for points when you get there! You can click the icon to get more information about the location such as the phone number and various specials.

Now if this location just isn’t for you, go ahead and close the information panel with the close button or by pressing the back button on your phone. Now you can tap any of the nearby locations on the map and route there instead!

Now that you have the location you want, you can always check the directions panel to check your exact directions.

When you arrive at your location, you can check right in with foursquare by using the checkin button on the information panel.

If you have never logged into the app before, you will need to do this once. Your foursquare information is never sent anywhere but the Foursquare servers and is stored privately to protect your privacy.

After checking in you will see any rewards that you have earned as well as the current mayor and any specials that you might be interested in.

iPlacemarks also offers you several options for configuring your navigation experience. Press the ‘menu’ button on your phone (or the small button with 3 lines). This will pull up the menu to give you some more options.

The ‘My Location’ button will pan the map to your current location in case you were exploring around the map. The directions button takes you to the same directions panel as the lower-right corner shortcut on the map. Press settings to bring up the user preferences.

Minimum distance settings: this allows you set a minimum distance for your nearest location. This is helpful if you want to find new spots outside your normal range.

The auto-show information option allows you to have iPlacemark automatically show you the Foursquare pop-up.

And that’s it! We’ve tried to go into deep details here but all you really need to remember is to tap the icon! If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to contact us as contact at androidteam.info

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