Saturday, April 3, 2010

RecipeTV Premium: Finally Approved (after jumping through 3 hoops of fire)

The day has come, when finally RecipeTV Premium is approved and working in the iTunes App store. This is the full fledged version of RecipeTV Lite that has been out in the app store. It is only $2.99 so go get it :)
The app has great exclusive content of michelin star rated chef's preparing dishes that are refined enough for a king :)
It is very easy to use and has a great UI interface made by my friend David Yasno (incidentally he also designed the UI for iPlacemarks iPhone app and TextBookSwoop (coming soon) ).

Although we had some issues getting to this point we are finally here and i am happy to say that this opens up an exciting new audience and channel for our partner/client . Last month clocked their unique monthly traffic at 1.1 million uniques. This is exciting to be bringing to market an iPhone Video app not only with great exclusive content but with an existing audience that is pretty big. Stay tuned for reports of our initial experience with marketing RecipeTV Lite and RecipeTV Premium to's existing users as well as new iPhone audience users.

I dont even want to get into how many times Apple's approval process gave us issues since the beginning of 2010 .

So enjoy this app. Let me know what you think :)