Monday, April 5, 2010

iPad app review: ColorPlay by Unlikely Duo

Here is another app review and prediction brought to you by Modern Mobility first. This time it is an iPad app :)
A few months ago my friend released Rocket Downhill Penguin under the Unlikely Duo brand. Rocket Penguin was first reviewed on Modern Mobility but then went on to be picked by Apple in their "What's Hot list" and "Noteworthy staff pics" being included in these 2 lists results in RDP skyrocketing to #30 in the Top Games section. Btw if you still haven't download RDP from iTunes :)
So now from "Unlikely Duo" comes their first iPad app, ColorPlay . I believe Modern Mobility is the first to review it again. The app is very simple to explain: it is a coloring book for kids in the form of an iPad app. As with RDP ColorPlay has absolutely stunning and beautiful graphic design. It really looks just like a Coloring book. The experience looks very comparable to the real thing except it will run you only $.99 for the iPad version whereas a real coloring book (I bought one for my neice recently in CVS costs $3.99). As of the time of this Review the ratings are scarce but very encouraging :) See for yourself below :)

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