Friday, February 26, 2010

Google FastFlip is a weak version of Taptu for iPhone

Ive been a long time fan of TapTu and their well executed foray into mobile search.

I just discovered Google FastFlip while checking out the more tab of in my iPhone safari. It seems to be a play on making the iPhone mobile web experience more touch based. All in all i would have thought it was a good move if i didnt know about the TapTu App.

Early on TapTu focused on mobile entertainment and social networking sites. They optimized the mobile browsing experience for those verticals, and were pretty much the best offering, in terms of UX, on WAP based mobile web.

Recently i encountered the TapTu search iPhone app. It was very heavy on iPhone design UI ju jitsu but still smooth enough and usable enough where it blew me away. I like the filtering touch, and i loved how well they executed the idea of creating UI templates that are iPhone optimal, and then fitting the content to those templates.

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