Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Check Out Rocket Penguin : the next Doodle Jump ?

So i wanted to do a little review of Rocket Downhill Penguin, a great new iPhone app that is coming to an iPhone near you any day now. It is in review by apple, but thats quick now.

Its developed by UnlikelyDuo , which is a colab between Tony (the rockstar dev i am working with for TextBookSwoop via TMD) and Bruce.

I beta tested the game several versions ago on my iPhone 3G. It is very polished and the design is outstanding. The sound effects and music add a great touch to the game. It reminds me of Doodle Jump but with more polished and glossy/candy-coated graphics vs. the doodles.

The gameplay is a random generated course. Where you are a Penguin luging down a steep hill. You have to dodge christmas trees and other obstacles. So its not quite the same in terms of gameplay. You hold the phone horizontal to the ground (penguin) vs perpendicular to the ground (Doodle).

This game is made on top of the Cocos 2D iPhone gaming engine. They actually did a post of Rocket Downhill Penguin right here . Check it out.

I think this is going to be a hit in the app store.

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