Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spin Phone Design: Mechanical Retro meets Touch

I just discovered a very cool website dedicated to design.
If you are a fan of Design you MUST check it out. Below is a teaser of what types of things you can find on Yanko.

The design is called SPIN Phone, here is the link to the original article on it btw (almost forogt oops) .It charges from the user twirling the phone on their finger while they walk up or down the street or what have you. there is also a crank charging option.

I thought Spin Phone was a fascinating design that excelled at the intersection of:
- Renewable Energy/ New mobile charging trends
- Mechanically driven products (think watches with Swiss movement)
- Mobile phone concept design

I love this concept, my only question is wether or not its really viable in terms of how much charge you can generate from the twirling/crank mechanism VS. how much charge the touch screen eats up. Either Case congrats to this Russian designer, Mikhail Stawsky ,for dreaming up something awesome, and possibly a real future product if the electro physics numbers crunch properly.