Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tech Today: Trends with an impact

1. Mid Term Yahoo Strategy : Acquire Palm and its WebOS product.
Yahoo is gasping for air. Bartz is trying to resuscitate Big Purple, to not be boring. I applaud the goal. Yahoo needs something beyond new interest, it needs to be relevant in the next web.
- Whats the next web ? Why mobile of course. Look at Opera Mobile, Look at Merry Meeker PPT, look at iPhone usage
- So what does being relavant on mobile web mean ? Look at the top 10 smartphones this Xmas. Google is central to the OS/ search of 5 or 6 of the devices ( The Droid, Droid Eris, MyTouch, G1, G2, Hero, + Google Search+Google Maps on iPhone)
- Yahoo does not have an OS, or Major high volume search deals with specific mobileOS smartphone players like iPhone

Mid Term Yahoo Strategy : Acquire Palm and its WebOS product.
- Use Yahoo's advertiser relationships, multi hundred million web audience, to spread WebOS (possible as brnaded Yahoo OS
- Enable WebOS give Android a run for its money, keep yahoo central to the mobile experience of the mobile web

Sucsess metric: Make YAhoo relevant in the 2011/2012 top 10 XMAS smartphone list.

2. Augmented Reality is catching on
- iphone app , esquire magazine, john mayer music videos, layar, wikitude, yelp , etc

3. China just got an iPhone, no wifi
- iPhone OS is going to hit 100 million devices by 2012
- uptake in China fueling growth
- End of exclusivity agreements in North America, West Europe, Aus

4. ICANN just enabled the web to keep massive global growth/ fracture across language lines
- Chinese, Russian, Japanese

5. HTC is turning into a consumer BRAND.

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