Tuesday, November 3, 2009

iPlacemarks iPhone app v1.0 Just Launched

Finally after what seems like forever the iPlacemarks iPhone app is in the App Store :)
The app lets you create very easy to use google maps shortcut buttons that go on your home screen. You can create any shortcut or download a featured button like "starbucks", "Jamba Juice" , "Chevron" , "Wells Fargo" etc :)
The app costs $.99 and is totally worth it, until google maps or apple make a better bookmarking interface ;)

You can get it here, the iTunes Link:

Here is the Twitter Friendly link for you guys to repost/ retweet:


Send us feedback on http://www.iplacemarks.com/blog or let me know your comments here directly.

Enjoy your shortcuts in life :)

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