Tuesday, November 10, 2009

iPhone Breathalyzer- Dont Drink and Text

Designed by my friend Nathan Klein . This iPhone Breathalyzer design is hilarious, but beyond that it serves as great inspiration for product designers/managers like me. Enjoy:

Since the Keynote announcing iPhone OS 3.0 and its support of the 30 Pin port API i have been brainstorming hardware/software integrated product ideas for iPhone. The Keynote showed a strong concept demo with a LifeScan Glucometer app working over bluetooth/30 pin port. However since then we have not seen anything except several GPS windshield suction cup products from Tom Tom. IMHO underwhelming. So here is to Nate creating a concept that is strong inspiration to think of more hardware/software integrated iPhone products. BTW, this design was made in Google SketchUp, which ive barely heard off but it appears to be a pretty good design tool.

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