Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Peace Dot movement Launches: +Tikkun article about it

Yesterday night a really great idea launched. The Peace Dot initiative from Standfrod's Persuasive Technology lab that is rub by Dr. BJ Fogg. The Peace Dot movement calls for innovation in web and software worlds to push peace forward. The launch event had a dozen or so launch partners that have created a subdomian on their site, the most notable of which is facebook.

The page is fascinating. I was telling my gf about an idea i had of how if only israeli and palistinians all had 100% adoption of facebook/other social networks they could see how similar they are really. This came out of long discussions with her about her work at Tikkun and Tikkun's role of propagating peace an its position on the israeli - Palestinian conflict. Also out of her experiences in teaching Muslim Private school girls in Indonesia and dispelling their propaganda inuced notions about israelis. What was fascinating is that not only was almost the same idea, but it put a quantifiable metric to its effect in measuring the daily amount of connections across traditional conflict zone borders.

Anyways, you should go read this article at Tikkun Daily's Blog:

BTW, a couple of years ago i applied to work as a Captology blogger for Standfords Persuasive Technology lab, and exchanged a few emails with Dr. BJ Fogg. It was interesting to watch their live launch even on UStream and see him start a very great initiative. We need more tech entrepreneurs to follow his example :)

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