Saturday, November 22, 2008

Great Business Analgoy article : Poker lesslons for the entrepreneur

a friend and mentor of mine in my first venture, VCEL, just posted a great article on Hacker News. Go check it out and give it a "point" to move it higher up in the list.

I love analogy's and metaphors for business. I believe its a better way of creating a mental model of the business world then reading formal text books (although i am a fan of formal simulations).

Anyway check out this article that was written under the psedonym, Uncle Sal.

I should try to remember to do a post about some of my other Poker experiences while doing VCEL.

One was a consulting gig for a semi big mobile gaming company that wanted to explore connecting their mobile poker j2me app to a facebook poker app.
It was an interesting project from a technical perspective, as well as in how much new media convergence was in play.

There were a few other Poker related projects as well