Monday, September 15, 2008

My Redesign :) Thanks Kyle !!!

Not sure if you guys tuned into my previous promise of blogging everyday now that i set up Flock's 1 click- blog tool. Well clearly i didnt do that. Its also not a shortcoming of Flock's blog tool, since i still swear by it and it really has increased my number of posts tremendously. I think the reason that i didnt post on here is that i was filled with dispair that Sean's blog was better then mine so i decided to lay low and wait for the perfect opportunity to come back better then ever.

and i was RIGHT !!!! out of the blue, Kyle Conroy (of  Forwardlogic and VCEL  design fame ;) )  sent me a note with an attached graphic that was way way way way way cooler then the stock word press theme that i had on here. In fact it was the best logo EVER in all time for so it naturual won the spot of being the official blog logo.

Hey Kyle, want to dust off some of those mobile design chops ? Are you looking for a freelance gig, or some other form of work ? if so lets chat/email/skype/call and discuss if we can respark our professional collaboration. Not sure if you are up to speed but VCEL, Inc sold to another mobile social networking start up,  (the real product is the mobile site at, check it out on a mobile phone). So Akhsar and I work full time at as of a few months back.

To give a bit more credit where its due to the team i have to give some shout outs to 2 more people that helped out tremendously.

1. Ed Williams , thanks for helping out with the Sys Admin and hosting issues

2. Adrian Castro, my new co- worker and buddy at who helped  dig through the Word Press admin page and switch up the  Style.css code to include this amazing new logo that we have uptop.

Thanks to all of you guys. Cheers :)

Leave some comments, and tell me why you think is better then Sean's

I am searching for a direction for this blog, so help me out guys ;)
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