Tuesday, September 30, 2008

iphone experiment

So i know that the iphone development environment and SDK are designed to support an easy hand off between the mobile safari browser and 3rd part apps on board the phone.

For instance if i wanted to launch the pandora app from mobile safari all you need to do is make a button with the following link:

( i am still digging around for the details about what kind of url string can be passed to the app besides simply waking it up)
 ( so if anyone knows details about passing arguments to an APP via such a URL string leave a comment below)

So here is a demo (if you are looking at this site on your iphone, might be just me ;) ) Launch Pandora

Now what i am really after in this blog post is to test wether or not this Application launching paradigm via a URL format applies to the stock iphone apps like the camera

Launch Camera


Launch Stocks

or Launch iFotoBlog

So i will update this post with the results of the test
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