Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sergeylossev.com: Mobile Web Design endeavour

My friends will tell you that i am no web designer. but i made a site, ideally you go to it on your iphone. Go to www.sergeylossev.com

Although i have taken 1 or 2 graphic design classes that taught basic proficiency in things like dreamweaver, photoshop, and adobe illustrator as with most students in those classes as soon as i finished my website project i never looked back. Well in my case that's not so true since i have been proverbially "looking over the shoulder" of web developers over the past 3 years quiet often. The whole time i was wishing that i could "make websites" myself (really i need to learn PHP and some MySQL next).

So what better opportunity to dive into some website design experimentation then to make the website located at your own name as the URL. Yes thats right i bought www.sergeylossev.com some time ago ( probably 2 months back ?). Having a not so common name (as far as english based names are concerned has some perks after all ;) )

Thanks to the help of my buddy Ed, over at blarguments.com, ( rumour has it that Ed is helping out the tapulous guys as well ?) i figured out how to host sergeylossev.com on his dreamhost server, and i was under way with designing my first site in years. After a few minutes i realized that i never tried the iWeb app that came with my mac. So before i knew it i got sucked into playing around with some of the template designs. I decided to use iWeb as my one stop design tool. Come on, the "made on a mac" logo sold me and it was super easy right ;)

Knowing me i immediately decided to put a mobile web angle on the project. So i decided to design the home page of the website to look as if you were in an SMS chat log screen in your iPhone. The goal was to replicate the look and fill of the SMS thread User INterface and User Experience to make you feel as if the site was creating a dialogue with you. Since i dont know fancy scripting i made the site static. So in order to get a feel for the iPhone SMS thread look/ design paradigm that inspired my site design you will need to open www.sergeylossev.com in your mobile safari.

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