Tuesday, August 26, 2008


In my recent product research i have really been taking note of how much competition has emerged in the mobile social networking space. When we were starting out with VCEL (which is now Fotochatter.com) there were a few old school MoSoSo networks in the market . Players like AirG, Upoc, and WinkSite were on the scene. Guys like Rabble were just starting out.

Now there are soo many. From the huge players like MySpace to Facebook to Hi5 to Bebo all having wap sites (interestingly enough with the m.xxxxxx.com subdomain strucutre being dominant vs wap)

For instance look at this article announcing Hi5 jumping into the mobile social networking space today.

And then there are true mobile networks like fotochatter, mocospace, itsmy.com, buzzcity, peporinity, etc etc

and then device specific networks like

Tapulous.com (Bart of Firefox and Flock founder fame, stole Sean Fannan, one of our lead web developers at VCEL to Tapulous)

And since we are on the eve of the Andriod launch (today rumored as the TMobile HTC DREAM/ G1 device) the device specific networks are also interesting competitors.

Ones head may start spinning simply from pondering the complexities and intricacies of the current mobile social networking market space. Mobile is a huge market after all, several times larger then the internet so does that mean we will have more mobile social networks then web based social networks ?


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