Saturday, December 16, 2006

Great Organization tips

There is a great post @ Web Worker Daily Blog, about time management for us in the web world. To me it seems that this applies to start ups, home offices, and any other condition where you are your own boss. Below is a quote of one of the tips, that i think is most important :

" 11. Close the loop.
No dangling threads. There is either something you need to do or there isn’t. Decide that quickly. When the task is done, don’t forget the action of getting that task completely off your plate. Send the email, make the phone call, file it. Whatever. When it’s done, it’s done. Get it off your desk. Don’t spend hours working on a task and then let the very last action of a thank you email to the client (or sending the invoice) sit in your to-do list for days.

Finally…don’t forget to make sure you have a few @fun actions in there too. Don’t read that joke from your friend now, put it aside and wait until you really need that laugh in between actions. And then don’t feel guilty for taking the time to read it. "

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