Thursday, November 30, 2006

Windows Mobile Advertisments "in the wild" ( on city buses, since when?)

If this content isn't super fresh, sorry, just wanted to get something in here to kick things off.

Any one else in the States see Bus size ads for a Mobile OS ?

Recently i was driving out of San Francisco and at a stoplight i was surprised with a huge Windows Mobile advertisement covering the side of Muni Bus. The ad read something along the lines of :

" Next Stop: your Word mobile documents"
* only on your windows mobile device
It had a picture of a device (i think an HTC??) opening a Word Mobile document on screen.

I was surprised to see how aggressively Microsoft is pushing its Windows Mobile OS. Is it me just being out of touch with Advertisement campaigns? Has this been going on for a while?
Albeit it is SF and Silicon Valley, but even for USA's "mobile hotspot" it seemed like a very loud and "in your face" mobile ad compared to what you normally encounter. Has anyone out there seen other blatant ads like this ?

The Cons:
My immediate reaction was that this marked the beginning of the end of all things positive in organic Mobile OS progress and development. Microsoft coming into mobile full steam is a scary thought for mobile OS stability, simplicity of use, and all other positive aspects that we enjoy in straightforward "smart" devices.
The Pros:
On the other hand it is good to see a lot of resources being poured into educating the average ( or at least the average in Silicon Valley) consumer about other functions of their mobile devices besides Voice.
It will be interesting to see if this Ad campaign ramps up to something more significant and we will start seeing these types of ads on city buses further out in Silicon Valley and eventually other less tech oriented areas in the States.
- Ad Astra